Teenage Tragedy

She killed him. He believed that he could get a second chance at life and at everything. He believed that good things do happen. He believed. Now he stayed there trying to figure himself out. His mind filled with thoughts. He was once happy, she made him happy, happier than any teenager could ever be. He fell back hoping she would catch him but he landed hard and when he looked around in haste trying to find her. She watched him from far and did nothing. As he searched for her in vain, she just left, taking the humane part of him with her. Apart from all the trust issues he had and all the problems he encountered, he believed she was the one to make it all go away. Now all he had was himself. He had given up. People told him that he would move on and find someone else and that heartbreaks healed.It wasn’t about a heartbreak for him. He thought she was they key to escape from all this madness and all this drama that life has to offer only to find himself deeper than ever. He sits there smoking his lungs off like all fallen soldiers do in this battlefield that hardly ever sees a victory. There might be hope out there, but the last remnants of hope was extinguished by her. He believed in her. Was that so bad?


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