The Fault In Our Humanity

Everyday we see newsflashes that shows us how screwed up the world is. To them it is just news and when we see it we do not seem to turn an eye on what is happening. When we look at it, all we see is people killing people. That’s it. But it is something more than that, something so disturbing that it is ridiculous to actually see all this happening even when we have the power to comprehend and understand and analyse. Human beings killing human beings. Human beings killing human beings in the name of religion, in the name of politics, in the name of freedom, in the name of peace, in the name of being different and the list flows down endlessly. When you are out here reading this in whichever part you are in this world, whatever time zone you might be in, there is a kid out there looking for his mother in the hospital because they shot her in the name of whatsoever they call it. There are always casualties in war. Hundreds of innocents die and they call this a liability, a small price to pay in the big picture. A human life is worth nothing. Who are you to decide who gets to die? It’s not a another believer you’re killing or another liability you’re killing or another race you’re killing, it’s another human being. A life who was created to live and not to die. Irrespective of color, gender, race, belief, feelings and thoughts, we’re all human beings. If you’re a happy trigger finger guy who wants to gun down whoever he sees, then look at yourself in the mirror and shoot yourself and do this world some good.


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