What would you do if one day you woke up and the world around you is unrecognizable? All the people that you have known, loved and cared about have become strangers. Your memory gets wiped of like a clean slate ready to be used again. Over time we forget the things that have happened to […]

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If you want a happy ending, it all depends on where you stop telling your story. Maybe that’s how we march on forward. Maybe that’s how we live.

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Second Chance

I could still hear the sound of the flatline haunting my thoughts. They say nothing lasts forever, but I thought I would be the first one to go but she did. It all happened so fast that I’m reliving the moment everyday. The pain never seems to fade away. The sun, the moon and the […]

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10 Tips To Survive A Breakup

Well just for the record these aren’t tips really. It just depends on how you perceive them and act accordingly. Tips is a terrible word. Well above everything the best way you’re going to survive a break up is not falling in love. Even though it’s like the best ‘tip’, I’m sure you guys will […]

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Teenage Love

For anyone who has ever been in love in their life, as far as memory can serve them, they would say they first fell in love in high school. There are exceptions no doubt. Like kids these days who fall in love in middle school. I have no idea how that happens but it just […]

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10 Daily Reminders!

Originally posted on C'est La Vie:
I feel like doing something different today. Here I commence with my 10 daily reminders to you. 1. Smile!- even if you are having a rough day (trust me I’ve experienced them). Try to smile because you don’t own all the problems in the world. 2. It doesn’t matter what…

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We Can

I came across this photo recently and it’s about a Muslim Mother dressing her own son up as Lord Krishna who is a Hindu God on a day which is considered to be the God’s birthday. There is no finer example to show humanity. Although they have their own beliefs, they still chose to honour […]

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