When Love Dies

“Everyone Dies At One Point But I Always Thought I Would Be The First One Because I Know I Wouldn’t Make it If Anything Would Happen To Her. When You Promise Someone Forever You Actually Believe Forever Exists And It Ends Suddenly Without Any Notice And It Kills A Part Of You. And Now I’m Looking At You, I’m Looking At You, My Vision Is Blur Because My Eyes Are Filled With Grief And Anger And Hatred, I Look At You So Peaceful Yet So Quiet In Your Coffin, I Loved The Fact You Talked A Lot Even Though It Annoyed Me, But I Wish You would Just Say A Word. Death Happens Without Notice At Most, This Feels Like The Gods Were Jealous Of Our Love And They Tore Us Apart. Everyone Is Looking At Your Parents And Asking Whether They’ll Be Fine Or If They’ll Make It. But Nobody Asked Me If I Was Okay, Because You’re All I Had, You Were My Everything, And Now I Have Nothing, I’ll Come To You Soon. We’re Soul Mates Aren’t We? I’ll Be There Soon.I Promise Love. I’ll Be There.

*Writer’s Note*

Ignore the excessive capitalization.


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