Moving On

“Love Is The Greatest Emotion Faced By A Human Being. Love Is Like A Parasite, It’s Influence Controls Your Heart And Feeds Of Your Happiness And Sorrow And Anger, As Time Goes By The Feeling Increases Or Decreases. But The Parasite Still Continues To Grow. When The Relationship Is Broken, The Parasite Continues To Live, But Does Not Have The Energy Of Love But Only Sorrow And Cannot Thrive On It So It Slowly Kills Us. Self Realization Is An Important Ally Over Here. When We Try To Move On, Putting Behind Our Past And Walking Forward, We Fix Ourselves First And Then Continue With Journey. But A Part Of Our Heart Will Never Be Replaced Because It Is Lost In Time, It Is Like A Rope Around Your Neck The Further We Go Trying To Move On, The More It Strangles Us, Suffocates And Leaves Us In A Desperate Search For Air. But With Constant Trails Of Pain And Suffering, The Rope Can Break Or We Can Have Someone To Cut It For Us. When You Love Someone, With Your Mind, Heart And Soul, You Tend To Believe That They Are A Part Of You And They Exist In You Or Known As Soul Mates. When That Kind Of A Bond Is Broken, We Are Scarred For Life, Because We Are Lost In Our Thoughts And Emotions Our Pain Get The Better Of Us And We Are Anguished In Our Own Misery. No One Can Move On In A Day If The Love Was True, It Could Take Months Even Years, The Feeling To Completely Leave You. The Parasite To Die Inside Of You Without It’s Source For Survival. Some Might Pull The Trigger And Try To Escape The Pain But Some Believe That They Can Make It One Day, That When All That Pain That They Endured To Move And Throw the Past Behind Will Finally Would Have Come True And They Will Say I’ve Made It”

*Writer’s Note*

Ignore the excessive capitalization.


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