One Long Marathon

At some point in your life, you get tired of all the running and crying. You just want everything to stop. You just want the world around you to freeze for a few minutes so that you can just breathe. All you ask is for a few minutes, that’s all. Is that so bad? But even after all that pleading, you keep running. The truth is humans are built to move on, no matter how screwed up the scenario is we always move on. But the hard fact is that we have a choice, whether to take the easy way out or fight so that the we can survive. All through our lives we go through this phase numerous times, whether you’re a high school student trying to escape the drama of high school or you’re in 30s and 40s trying to escape the midlife crisis. All of our lives we’re taught to keep moving, but we’re never taught to learn a lesson from the falls we take because people really don’t know how far the fall has affected you. But then eventually get used to the weird monotony of life. It just depends on how monotonous it really is. After everything we realize that no matter what happens, life has to go on.


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