Live Your Life

We sleep at night with a certainty that we would wake up the next day. But we fail to realize that, you might even die of a cardiac arrest before you even finish reading this sentence. Well I am not suicidal, I’m just speaking the facts. The thing is that people live their lives with a certain belief that they would live up to 60 years or more. The truth is we are dying everyday. Everyone is gonna reach the end of the road at some point but the only difference that puts the spice into all of our lives is the journey that leads us to the final point of no return. The point of life is not just to live, marry someone, have a couple of kids and die with nothing to live for. You need to be remembered for something, we all have to be. The intention of wanting to live rather than wait for time to fly by is what separates you from the rest. Ask yourself this, would you live a month of doing everything you ever wanted, ever dreamed but could never live it or live a lifetime of pure absence of anything that you dreamed of doing. Cancer patients who are terminally ill, pretty much know their end is near, so they make the most of the time they have. The point is when you finally die, there shouldn’t be any regrets.


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