Moving On

“Love Is The Greatest Emotion Faced By A Human Being. Love Is Like A Parasite, It’s Influence Controls Your Heart And Feeds Of Your Happiness And Sorrow And Anger, As Time Goes By The Feeling Increases Or Decreases. But The Parasite Still Continues To Grow. When The Relationship Is Broken, The Parasite Continues To Live, […]

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When Love Dies

“Everyone Dies At One Point But I Always Thought I Would Be The First One Because I Know I Wouldn’t Make it If Anything Would Happen To Her. When You Promise Someone Forever You Actually Believe Forever Exists And It Ends Suddenly Without Any Notice And It Kills A Part Of You. And Now I’m […]

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One Long Marathon

At some point in your life, you get tired of all the running and crying. You just want everything to stop. You just want the world around you to freeze for a few minutes so that you can just breathe. All you ask is for a few minutes, that’s all. Is that so bad? But […]

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Live Your Life

We sleep at night with a certainty that we would wake up the next day. But we fail to realize that, you might even die of a cardiac arrest before you even finish reading this sentence. Well I am not suicidal, I’m just speaking the facts. The thing is that people live their lives with […]

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The Magic Of Pain

The thing about pain is that you can’t escape it. No matter how hard you try it’s going to catch up with you. There is only so much you can do to hide your pain, you can’t run away from it because you can’t hide your scars forever. It’s not just the physical feeling but […]

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