Suicidal Teenagers

What pushes us so much that we think that ending our life is the only way to solve our problems? Everyone’s life is messed up and teenagers face the darker side of life more compared to others. Due to various factors that cause someone pain along with excessive hormonal changes that abate to this issue causes it to be more severe. Excessive parental pressure, educational burden and high school dilemma push teenagers to the breaking point. I completely understand that there is only so much someone can take. But is taking your own life the only option left? Sounds pretty desperate to me. When you have you whole life ahead of you, a few months or a few years of struggle and pain doesn’t seem so bad. Life is not easy believe me, but one day you’ll realize that all that pain you went through finally bared fruit in the end. Everyone needs a reason to keep fighting the battles of your life, but at that one point where you put the gun to the head, that fraction of a second where you decide not to do it because you have to keep fighting, because that someone or something holds you back, hold on to that. It will get you through everything. Teenage holds the best and worst times of your life, you just have to make the most of it. Academic pressure is something we all go through. ‘’It’s a competitive world’’, this is something our parents and teachers say, they do have a point you know. Whenever the pressure gets to you, just think of the limited time you have to do this, once it’s over, you’re free. But no matter what happens, no matter how rough the ride gets, make sure it’s one heck of a ride. But I promise you one thing, everything will be okay.


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