Looking Back

When you look back at the things that happened to you yesterday, it looks small in the long run. At the end of every year we usually look back at how the year turned out to be and we are shocked to see that the year has turned to be for better or for worse. Every choice we make, influences how our life will turn out to be. People usually prepare themselves for the future and are oblivious to what is happening at the moment and take the wrong step. They are concerned about the life that they will lead and not about the life that they are leading. All the problems that you faced and all the things that happened to you gave you the experience to become who you are right now.  Every day we face obstacles in our path, we trip over some and we overcome some. But it all matters how we look at the problems that hold us back. It’s really easy to be a quitter but it takes courage to face what lies ahead of us and I believe that’s what makes us human. We always hold onto the past, holding on to the past prevents us to see what lies ahead. We are blinded by the ghosts of our past that we are afraid to take the next step. One step can change everything. So make loads of memories because you only live once.


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