Fight Or Flight

When I asked my mother about the disappearance of the MH 370, even she was puzzled. It is because my mother can help me find anything which I thought I lost and I thought I would never get it back. But even when the whole world is searching for the plane, we still can’t find. I mean seriously,when we have the technology to find DNA almost out of anything and send space missions and God knows what, we still can’t find that plane! Everyone thought they would have found it in a couple of days, but the way things are going, It does not look good. We are talking about the people’s life at stake. The families of the passengers are living on everyday with a thread of hope that they will still be alive and will join them soon. We are at a time where technology is at it’s finest. If they think it’s like finding a needle in a haystack, then you got to be kidding me because we have a satellite! Needles are the least of our problems when we have a satellite. Nevertheless, the search must go on until they find it because people’s lives are at stake. When this became an international issue, it became not only a problem of Malaysia and China but of the world. We will pray for the safety of the passengers because they are one of us. God be with them. 


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