Fight Or Flight

When I asked my mother about the disappearance of the MH 370, even she was puzzled. It is because my mother can help me find anything which I thought I lost and I thought I would never get it back. But even when the whole world is searching for the plane, we still can’t find. […]

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Looking Back

When you look back at the things that happened to you yesterday, it looks small in the long run. At the end of every year we usually look back at how the year turned out to be and we are shocked to see that the year has turned to be for better or for worse. […]

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And Then I Started To Blog.

I have always had this thing for writing as much as my memory serves me right. I’ve always wanted to write about things that intrigued me the most or influenced me and my life. In today’s world if you are different or if i must say unique, you are criticized. Instead of giving a helping […]

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